I like the phrase. "Im a grown ass woman" I think its kinda funny and makes a good point when necessary.. Mostly I use it with my friends to rebut their requests of me... But I'm thinking.. Im never gonna be grown. cause if Im grown then I dont have anywhere else to go but down.. and my journey is about bigger and better.. I dont want to shrink in my adulthood or let my head get big with delusional thoughts of being complete. This human journey is not under my control, so if i want to survive with my sanity and happiness intact I gotta grow.. I have to keep growing. I have to strive for more. Part of that is growing pains but with that i'll be stronger, i'll be better and I'll have more to give to those who love me and with that i'll be happy, secure, and more who God has intended for me to be. So I ain't grown.. i'm just me.. striving to grow with each opportunity.

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