I went to see a play tonight, Crumbs from the Table of Joy and it was amazing.. as i sat in the theatre I was amazed by the whole production. I was amazed by how art can be so touching in the simplest of ways. I realize that all emotion is universal and compassion is essential. I am moved by the artists who are able to find that thread in the words, characters and actors and weave it through the audience creating one energy.

True art makes attempts pale in comparison. Ella Joyce is amazing. She is fantastic. It amazing how so much black art is gone unnoticed in popular media. I sat engrossed in the story and delighted by the work and wondered why I let my mind rot away with reality TV. Then I thought about how funny it is when people stop being polite and stop getting real. Either way I vowed to make it a mission to see more plays and musicals because they inspire me in a way that other art forms do not. At the curtain call, I always look at the actors and think of the happiness they must feel to be living their dream and to be celebrated for it. Entertainment is cut throat and unforgiving and to see actors be so excellent and so amazing and so inspired each night is a part of the meaning of life.. I am sure. (you can see I am now obsessed with the meaning of life). I had tears in my eyes, so happy for them that they were so happy to be doing what they do so beautifully.

My favorite quote: "Choose your battles wisely. A nappy head in this world is like raising the white flag to surrender." LOL

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