What if?

Life is full of what ifs. What if I had asked for help? What if I said I love you? What if I would have just kept my mouth shut? There are tons of what if and part of making decisions is knowing that there is always a what if... Another choice that could have possibly led to another outcome. The what if moments that resonate are those that occur after overanalyzing the situation and weighing the pros and cons... then finally making a decision while full of apprehension.
I always wonder.. what if I would have gone for the kiss...
There is that moment, so rare that it takes our breath away each time, but so common that we have all experienced it.. When your eyes take hol d of someone else's gaze and you feel a swirl of emotion go from head to toe.
Butterflies flutter and spines tingle... The gaze feels so right that you cannot let go, but its so frightening that you know you cannot hold on to it forever...
It's in that moment, right when my stomach starts to drop that I always want to go in for a kiss. I want to get the courage to lean in and experience that connection fully. But I never have, because the choice to go forward leads to another list of what ifs?
What if he doesn't feel the same way?
What if I get rejected?
What will her boyfriend say?
What if someone sees?
What if the only one who feels this energy is me?
So, I've never gone for it. Maybe next time I will.
Drunk with courage, not alcohol.
Full of passion.
who knows when the next time could be.. but I'm ready.

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