An Inconvenient Truth

So, I was supposed to go see The Breakup last week.. but due to it being ridiculously popular... I went to go see An Inconvenient Truth and it changed my life..

For those of you who are not familiar.. An Inconvenient Truth is Al Gore's movie discussing the issue of global warming and the problems that it is causing now and will cause on the planet. All of these things will effect humankind.. and all of these things are caused my human kind. It changed my life for a number of reasons.

1. I had no idea that global warming was a real problem, and the film made me realize, not only is it a REAL problem.. it is a HUGE problem! It is a problem that we cannot ignore any longer. It is causing the intensification of hurricane seasons.. leading to more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes. Glaciers, lakes and mountaintop snow are all melting which is leading to horrible environmental issues that are affecting human populations. Lake Chad is almost gone. There is no snow at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.. and the glaciers are melting.. polar bears are drowning because they cant find any ice.. and humans are responsible.

2. I am responsible! Yes I do have a car that is easy on gas mileage.. and I don't drive that far or that much..but I am not ecofriendly by any means... I turn on lights that i dont use... in my dorm room I would leave everything on cause I wasn't paying for it.. But I realize now that I will be paying for it in the long run.. Either me or my children who will live in a world with torrential climates and unpredictible conditions.. A couple of degrees does not seem like alot in the grand scheme of things in the world.. but believe me. It is. Forget it.. believe Al Gore, he doesnt have an reason to lie.

3. I am making active changes. I am turning off lights I don't need and saving water. I am unplugging my charger for my phone and my computer when I am not using them because that uses energy which emits more and more CO2 in the air.. which is killing us softly. I am also going to start recycling because that is renewable energy.. There are tons of things that we can do.. but awareness is the first.. Go see An Inconvenient Truth.. check the website.

After you check the website.. we gotta check ourselves cause when we ruin the planet there is nothing else we can do... at all. The energy lobbies are playing us hard.. we are paying 3.00 per gallon for gas that is killing the earth... using cars that suck it up. This is for real. It is crisis time. It is up to us to intervene.

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