Rhythm Nation 2006!!!

Janet Jackson is back!!! And I am too excited. It has been a rough couple of years for me and J. I mean when there was alot I had to forgive her for.. Like ruining the sales of Damita Jo cause of the SuperBowl. I mean I was jammin to the performance. Janet and my sexy vanilla.. JT... and then BAM...Nipple City. I knew the tour was out of the window as soon as it happen and I was pissed. I mean I needed a Damita Jo tour.. It didn't happen and I didn't get to see my J in action for dang... 5 years.

Then to find out that she was with Jermaine Dupri.. I mean he is a dope producer, but he is not, by any means, the sexiest man I've ever seen in my life... He must be the nicest, sweetest man.. and be able to lay a mean pipe to be able to hang with J... But I must admit they do seem happy and in love and at least they aren't bullshitting with some secret marriage stuff like the did that that other dude... JD even stuck with her when she was a solid 200 pounds... And that was no joke... Nope.. i'm not putting that picture up...I aint playing my J out like tha... Because Janet is doing the damn thing now.. Janet is clearly the best. She has the best abs... try to say something...

Janet has been killin em and she is back to do it again. Twenty Years Old comes out in September, but you can check out the new single, Call on Me ft Nelly.. It should be on radio now and the video will filmed in LA soon... I am too excited. Janet is about to tear the club up and hit the tour.. and I will be there in every city (okay 1) to check her show... me and J.. reunited and it feels soooooo good. Okay back to reality.

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