The War on Drugs.

Last night, I fell asleep watching the History Channel. There was a very interesting special on the illegalization of drugs in the United States. Did you know that what led to cocaine becoming an illegal narcotic was politicians from southern states saying that when black men take cocaine they get so high and sexually charged that they cant help but rape every white woman in sight?? Insane. Absolutely Insane.. but they bought this shit hook line and sinker and made cocaine illegal. Yet somehow, Coca-Cola still has managed to keep itself addictive, but that is neither here or there. It is also interesting that cocaine has a 17000% profit margin.. yup the amount of cocaine they can make for a dollar in Columbia will sell for 17000 dollars in the United States. Isn't that crazy?? Like the war on drugs can ever win, when money like that is possible.

To quote my nigga Young Jeezy.. okay he's clearly not my nigga, but you can say that when you are talking about those kinda rappers. I think they prefer it?

"It's kinda hard being drug free, when Georgia Power won't give a nigga lights free."

TRUE!!! Aint nobody helping me! Aight, my momma is, but that is neither here nor there. The point being.. if you dont have any guidance, zero job skills and a minimal education how can I not understand if you #1) sell drugs to make the money to give to Georgia Power, or PG&E or ComEd depending on where you stay. or 2) Get high all the time cause you aint got no electricity.. that's rough!!

Now let me clear this up, I do not condone selling drugs or using them (well i dont really care about weed, but that's a different story) because I do think that using cocaine, crack (check out Whitney) and heroin can really mess you up. I mean that stuff is rough! But from what I hear the effects are nice if you aint got nothing to live for. I mean if you are empty on the inside and then crack gives you, what users call, a body orgasm... can I hate? I mean yes, clearly I can.. I'm just saying I kinda understand.

The government started the War on Drugs because soldiers that they drafted to go to Vietnam were using heroin heavily. I mean, in a war zone in that hot ass jungle, I might be shooting up too. I can't say it would beyond me.. that's gotta be real. Sometimes I'm scared driving through the PJs at dusk.. let alone for real for true war. So they start this War on Drugs stuff which is fake, I mean Just Say No? Okay... sure.. got ya... I'll try it now, and then if I dont like it.. i'll say no the next time. But they say that this program, headed by good ole Nancy Reagan, met moderate success. I'm sure most of us remember D.A.R.E. in school, but when I was first handed a joint, I can't say I was thinking about those ways to still be cool, but say no... cause I wasnt worried about being cool.. I was like.. hmm sure.. let's give it a whirl.

And the current ads are so much worse.. I mean "Music is my anti-drug"?? Really? Most music talks about the joys of being high!! One time, I was in the car with my mom and one of those "Basketball is my anti-drug" commercials came on.. and my mom turns to me, 19 and on vacation from college, and asked, "What is your anti-drug?" The question was so ridiculous, I had to respond, "Alcohol." She wasn't pleased.. LOL but either way, that antidrug conversation is silly...And then there were those great commercials with the people smoking weed and then forgetting to pick their siblings up from practice and running over that girl in the parking lot cause they were high... more hilarious than scary. And now teens are striving to be above the influence... okay. we'll see how that works.

Lucky for me, I can get high on life. I act a fool all day long... but a nice stiff drink at times doesn't hurt...not one bit!! :-D And it's all good, cause thankfully... i'm grown!

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