New Growth

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a perm.

Not a curly perm.. I guess I should use the correct terminology.

I have a relaxer. I relax my hair every 6 weeks religiously. Cept, I dont have a stylist in Chicago right now, so I havent been able to get my do fried dyed and laid to the side.. Soooo I have 7 weeks of new growth.
My hair is naturally thick, and I tie it down every night. Today, during the day, I was bored so I decided I should wrap my hair so it will lay down in case I go out with weekend, I wont be looking such a hot mess... Well, I did that.. and then I had to go the garage and I took out my wrap.

AND DAMN does new growth hurt when you try to comb it out..... I mean it hurts. Like acid on your scalp.. or a rug burn. I dont know how to describe, but I imagine every black girl knows what im talking about, at least once.. MY temples are still pounding from where I had to brush it down...

Why does new growth hurt so bad.. is it punishment for trying to change my hair in the first place? Well that is cruel, but beauty hurts!

Alright enough bitchin.. next week i can get my relaxer and be dead sexier.

Holla at me baby! <----the hottest song out!

oooh and.. l am not my hair!

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