I got ho(mie)s in different area codes

I wish that everyone in my life lived in one place. I mean think about it, if all of my homies could move to Atlanta or Chicago then I could have allll of my homies right there with me all the time. Yeah e-mail and IM and phones make it so easy to stay in touch with people, but there is nothing like sitting down with someone and having a nice long conversation about life or tv.. whatever you know..

Moving from Chicago to Philly to Atlanta and now being back to Chicago has separated my life so much.. I have close friends in a bunch of states and even some who have moved overseas.. which i am not to keen about.. One of my close friends relocated to Israel.. and I dont have any clue when the next time I am going to see her...

It's so funny how the grass is always greener, cause when i was at school and most of my homies did all live in one place, I was forever trying to figure out how I could get away... how I could walk down the street and be anonymous and have my own time... I was dreaming of a day when I could just live by myself... and now I miss it.. I miss the companionship.. but mostly i am sick of having to fly to other cities to see my homies.. or having them take off work to come see me somewhere.. that kind stuff doesnt work too well in the working world.

I miss my homies.. but I get to see alot of them this summer which is fabulous.. awww but to my homies all over the world.. I miss you.. holla at me.

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